Green Moms Network Week in Review

by Brittany @ The Pistachio Project on June 12, 2015

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Green Moms Network Week in Review

Do you have a favorite area of green living? You know… is it the save the earth part, or the frugal aspect, or the DIY fun that really makes you happy? Of course, all the green living areas are great and that’s why I love our bloggers! Each one tends to focus on a different area and so we get the benefit of a nice well-rounded green living group!

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My Darla Clementine shares why she unweaned her toddler and her experience with it!


Who doesn’t love a good fudgsicle? Raising Generation Nourished has a great healthy fudgsicle recipe!

Did you stay out in the sun a bit too long and get a sunburn? Gwen’s Nest has some great natural remedies!

Who says you have to go somewhere for a great vacation? The GO Mama’s share 10 benefits of a staycation!

Are you a yogi or perhaps just a yogi wanna-be… either way you’ll want to check out The Hippy Homemakers DIY disinfecting yoga mat spray! 

What were your favorite posts of the week? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Brittany @ The Pistachio Project

Brittany is the author of The Pistachio Project. A mother to five children, she began her journey of living green and crunchy because she wanted the best for her kids. However, she soon realized that natural living was a benefit to herself as well and now she shares what she's learning on her blog. You can also find her on Google+

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