Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the ideal member?

If you blog about green and natural living, you are an ideal candidate for the community. It doesn’t have to be the sole focus on your blog, but you should have a fair amount of space devoted to it. We welcome bloggers across the spectrum of experience – from brand new bloggers to seasoned pros.

What is the goal of the Green Moms Network?

Our goal is to build a community of green bloggers who enjoy supporting and encouraging one another while also ensuring you have access to the best green opportunities available (through Green Moms Media). We also want to promote training opportunities and provide you with a source of knowledge that will help you grow your skills as a blogger so you can blog as a business, not just as a hobby, if that’s one of your goals.

What will I get as a member?

You will have access to the private Facebook group, where you can confidently share information with other bloggers who have similar interests and values. Members also get full access to the blog – only portions of the blog are available to the general public. We will share blogging tips and information that we don’t openly share with non-members.  Read more about member benefits.

Is there a fee to join?

Membership is absolutely free!

Are there any long-term commitments?

You may leave the Green Moms Network at any time.

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